This project would not be possible without the kind cooperation of scientific -and business partners. We would like to thank following institutions and persons for their support.To visit the respective homepages, please click on the thumbnails:

Swiss State Secretariate for Education and Research

Our special thanks goes to Mr. Botta who helped us considerably with the application for the funding.

We would like to thank all othewe would also like to enhance the chancer persons involved

Institute of Anatomy

Without the support of the University of Zurich none of this would be possible. The visionary minds of Professor O. Ullrich, Professor D.P. Wolfer and Professor H.-P. Lipp permitted us to fully dig into this subject and create a new and promissing extension of the research concerning behavioural neuroscience. Our gratitute includes obviously also the many helping hands who are not direct project members, but who’s support and expertise made the difference:

From left to right:  PD. Dr. H. Welzl, L. Szaraz, M. Ott, J. Nair

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ESA- Human Spaceflight and Exploration

We would like to address our most special thanks to ESA which enabled us to perform our experiments under the best conditions possible. Our very special thank you goes to Vladimir Pletser who was always personally concerned about us and the experiment. He gave us very important imput and feedback to ensure a flawless progress of the experiments. With his kind personality he managed to motivate us all to give our best under any circumstances and to solve minor and major problems with a smile while staying always focussed .

We would like to thank all othewe would also like to enhance the chancer persons involved.


Of course we do not forget our friends at Novespace, who created a very friendly athmosphere for us to work. The interaction with the professionals at Novespace, the representatives of ESA, the press and last but not least with the other experimenters was just awesome! We felt like working in a big family, where everyone helped each other if needed. The guys and girls at Novespace also managed to get the help of the Sabena-technicians next door. Everyone was always available for problem solving and to help carrying our 50kg rack module to the A300 and back. At this stage we would also like to address our thanks to Dominique, who was always willing to help!

We would like to thank all othewe would also like to enhance the chancer persons involved.

New Behavior AG

This is a young company located in Zurich (Switzerland), which specializes in building hardware for scientific animal testing. They’re focus is to construct devices for maximum result accuracy while providing less stress to the animals.fwr   f fr f  e r f      re frgeqrgergergrnvcrveq fvetrvetrveervetrvetrvfrererregergergsdvc  fbvtgetgetvetrv fetgetgetg brtbr2tbr2tb2rtqwrefeqrfetgtdehrzvgetrverv


Neuratest is a company located at the University Bordeaux I in Talence. Thanks to Dr. Bruno Bontempi and Dr. Jean-Luc Morel we could count on a most professional  care taking and habituation of our delicate animals during the preparation period of the parabolic flights.